Healthcare facilities

LyoTech offers tools to support operators’ daily activities, to reduce their workload and accumulated stress, improving the quality of life of patients.


Localization system

WHAY (WHere Are You) allows you to locate residents and operators in real time, send alarms in case of removal or border violations, provide information and reports on the state of well-being of patients.
Operators and doctors can view personalized statistics and reports on the progress of personal parameters – both on real-time data and on historical data. Operators can receive notifications and alarms through a mobile application and can fill in diaries and questionnaires to provide useful information for assessing the well-being of the person.


Monitoring residences

BRIDGe+ is a solution designed for multi-apartment residences in order to support the autonomy and independence of people by monitoring their daily activities in a non-intrusive way without interfering with the person’s lifestyle.
BRIDGe+, through different types of sensors, allows to detect and estimate the location of patients in the various rooms or in specific parts of the house (e.g. in bed), their daily activities and any behavioral anomalies. Operators can view the status of the residence (open / closed doors, household appliances consumption) and of the person on a Web application, with customized statistics and reports and receive notification of anomalies through a mobile application.