Home care

LyoTech offers tools to promote the autonomy and independence of the elderly in their living environment, monitoring them and communicating their state of health to family members and caregivers.


Autonomy and Independence

BRIDGe is a solution that supports the autonomy and independence of the person by monitoring the person’s daily activities in a non-intrusive way without interfering with the person’s lifestyle, while fully respecting the privacy and well-being of the monitored person.
BRIDGe allows to detect and estimate the location of the person in the various rooms, his presence in the house or in specific parts of the house (e.g. in bed), daily activities and any abnormal behavior. The caregiver can view the status of the home (open / closed doors, household appliances consumption) and of the person on a Web application, with customized statistics and reports and receive notification of anomalies through a mobile application.